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             +-------: CARE International Japan
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             +-------: Shapla Neer
Shapla Neer

Shapla Neer

Est: 1972
Chairperson: Ohashi Masaaki
Address: Waseda Hoshien, 2-3-1 Nishi-waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

  >> Aid Program Report 2003
>> Aid Program Report 2002
>> Aid Program Report 2001
# Major Projects
+ Activities that support self-help groups in rural areas and aids for street children in the urban areas in Bangladesh
+ Activities that support living improvements for farmers in the hills and aboriginal peoples in the plains and cities in Nepal
+ Lectures, exhibitions, and the import and sales of handicrafts made by Bangladesh and Nepalese women conducted in Japan

# Corporate Relationships
Donations, annual support funds, and membership fees primarily from 10 companies, including Asahi Beer, Tokio Marine Life, American Family Life Assurance Co., and Kikkoman. Companies also present Shapla Neer as a part of employee education and study groups, helping to expand two-way exchange.

# Background
A long-standing international aid NGO originating in Japan.
Activities initially centered around literacy education, health and sanitation reform, and rural development, however last autumn they inititated the Dhaka Children's Dream Plan, a project for street children in the Bangladesh capital.

TTE's donation (300.000 yen) will be used for Dhaka Children's Dream Plan activities

300,000 yen will run Street School for 100 children for 2 months.
It will also run Drop-In-Centre for 25 days which accommodates 400 children.
(25% of donations will be used for operational expenses)


To wire donations from Japan

via the post office:
Acct. #: 00130-6-63672
Recipient: Shapla Neer

Contribute to the Dhaka Children's Dream Plan via: (In Japanese)
Make ongoing contributions via:
(In Japanese)

A literacy class for women in a rural village of Bangladesh.

Children playing games at a drop-in center for street children in the Dhaka.

A literacy class for women in the Okhaldhunga district (the hill country) of Nepal.