Ryuichi Sakamoto | Michel Temman | Lester R. Brown

|||||@Ryuichi Sakamoto
Musician, artist and Think the Earth Project promoter
To know the past is to know the present, and the future. In turn, the future is not merely something yet to come: each and every second is something we create. It is our duty as human beings to master the use of the mega-brain we've inherited from homo erectus and our other ancestors, correct and never repeat our past mistakes, and pass a better world onto future generations.
Humankind extolled science and technology in the 20th century, but Nature and human beings are also paying dearly for its extensive slaughter, waste, and deforestation. So, how will humankind resolve these problems?
We presently stand at that watershed.

|||||@Michel Temman, Reporters Without Borders
"One hundred years of idiocy" is an amazing, ambitious, beautiful editorial and photographic project. Personally, When Tetsuya Ozaki introduced it to me, one evening in a cafe in Tokyo, I was totally impressed. It's ambitious because in our busy times today, we don't find the necessary time to remember where we are coming from, how our 20th century did create so much progress and movement, sent us on the moon, and at the same time killed so many innocent victims worldwide, on all continents. By millions, dozens of millions of humans, idiocy killed. And destroyed life in a constant process, human, but also animal and vegetal. Today, the reason is coming back from Tokyo, in this great "One Hundred Years of Idiocy" created and planned by Tetsuya and the Think the Earth Project's team and network. In a moment where wars are still raging and technological progress still going on at the same time, we have to make a pause. A break. And think. Think the earth. The beauty against idiocy.
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|||||@Lester R. Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute
In this remarkable collection of photographs, the camera becomes a mirror,
helping us to see ourselves. The view in the mirror is not a pleasant one.
It leaves us wondering whether we can survive another century of idiocy.
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