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  Report from the Baselworld 2008


Think the Earth branded watches were
exhibited at BASELWORLD 2008,
the world leading show for watches and jewellery,
for the seventh time.

The world largest watch and jewellery show, BASELWORLD 2008, was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 3 to 10 this year. The weather was very nice and hot last year, with the temperature sometimes exceeding 25 degrees C (77 degrees F). This year however it had been cold and raining (even snowed!) throughout the show. The exhibition square was filled with excitement as always, with more than 100,000 people visiting from all over the world.

During the event, the city of Basel had always been decorated uniformly in navy and gold, the signature colors of the Baselworld. This year however a lot of football-themed decorations were also found everywhere with EURO 2008 scheduled to be co-hosted with Austria in June.

Over 2,100 exhibitors from 45 nations are introducing their latest models in the exhibition area as vast as 160,000 m2, comprising six halls. Think the Earth Project exhibited gwn-2h, the third and latest model of the collaboration with SII (Seiko Instruments Inc.) after gwn-1h and gws-1h | the southern hemisphere version, in SIIfs booth as we did last year.

gwn-2h was displayed at the gDesign-Brand Sectionh inside SII booth along with ISSEY MIYAKE and ALESSI watches, which helped us to appeal to a design-conscious audience.

Introducing not only Watches but gThink the Earth Projecth Itself

What differentiates gwn-2h from the most of the watches on the markets is that it is not only excellent in function and design, but it is produced and distributed as a part of the activities of a NPO, Think the Earth Project, who aims at ginspiring people to think about the Earth in their everyday lives.h

The original proposer of Think the Earth watches, Ueda, had always wished to realize the view of the Earth from space for everyone so that we would be encouraged to relate more to whatfs happening on this planet. The encounter of his aspiration and SIIfs superb technologies in watch production was lead to the birth of our first watch in the collection: gwn-1.h That also marked the beginning of gThink the Earth Projecth who aims at not only making a profit by selling products but contributing to society through business as well.

To introduce such thoughts behind the birth of our products and our activities, we distributed leaflets and displayed panels with the latest information on what we do.

Environmental and Social Problems Becoming More Familiar

Swiss are known for their great awareness of the environmental problems. This year, I noticed more activities conducted by local companies and governments than ever before. A major super market, Migro, was appealing their various efforts towards CO2-reduction on billboards on streets.
Zurich Tourism launched the sales of water bottles gZH2O-WASSERLASCHEh in collaboration with SIGG, who is also the partner of Think the Earth Project's Water Planet Campaign, and was calling for tourists to fill the gofficial souvenir of Zurichh with drinking water that flows out of 1,200 springs inside the city.

Migrofs Approaches (In French)

One Swiss franc from each ZH2O water bottle sold will go towards the construction of new water pumps in Tanzania.

Itfs been seven years since we first participated in Baselworld. At the beginning, our watches were perceived just as gsomething unique.h But as the time passes by, Ifve come to realize that the attention and sympathy on the message put in our products and Think the Earth Projectfs activities are increasing, not only on watches. This may be because environmental and social problems are becoming more and more familiar to everyone through the campaigns and social actions like those by Migro and Zurich Tourism.

Now Exhibited at MuseLe international d'horlogerie (MIH)!

Every time I visit Switzerland for the Baselworld, I also go all the way up to La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town at the foot of Jura Mountains on the boarder with France. It is known as a birth-place of Le Corbusier, one of the masters of modern architecture, but my purpose is to visit gMuseLe international d'horlogerieh, the intfl watch museum.

MIH is the biggest watch museum in the world with a collection of 4,000 thousands watches from each and every time and place around the world. It was I believe in 2002, the year we first exhibited gwn-1h at the Baselworld when the museum showed their interest in our product. After six years, gwn-1h is finally exhibited in the museumfs showroom as a part of their permanent collection!

Gazing at gwn-1h placed in a showcase at one corner of the section under the sign that read gTERRE/ERDE/EARTHh, I was filled with deep emotion as if Think the Earth Project had left a little mark on the history of the worldfs watch-production.

MuseLe international d'horlogerie (MIH)
Rue des Musees 29, La Chaux-de-Fonds

gwn-1h had attracted visitors for more than six years at Baselworld, the festival of watch business where new models are continuously born. Itfs only 5 months since gwn-2h debuted. It is the time when the word/ concept gSustainableh has become popularized. Together with fellow Think the Earth staff, Ifd like to re-think how we should introduce gwn-2h and what kind of message we should convey together with the watch for years to come, reflecting on what I found and felt during this trip.

Report: Think the Earth Project Aiko Nakajima

  Report from the Baselworld 2007

The wn-2 made an international debut in April 2007 at Basel, Switzerland! Please enjoy our Baselworld report.
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