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  Desktop Design Sheets

New desktop design sheets available now!

Don't throw away the package the wn-2 comes in. One of the great things about the Think the Earth watches is that they may be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can use the wn-2 not only as a wristwatch, but also as a desk clock.

image We have made available original desktop design sheets for you to change the faÇade of the package, the blue part seen in the photograph, to suit your mood or match the display location.

image A set of four sheets that will allow you to enjoy wn-2 as a desktop watch.

Price: 1,680 yen
Material: Paper
Designer: Eishi Takeda (hooop)

-> For purchase please contact via email.

  Design 1 - Planet sizes
Design 1 - Planet sizes
"Think the Earth watches" wn-2 is scaled down to 1/ 5.80 million of the real earth. This sheet shows the size of the planets scaled at the same ratio as the earth. The Sun on the sheet is designed with a diameter of 2.4 meters but the real Sun has a diameter of 1,392,000 kilometers!

  Design 2 - Orbital trace
Design 2 - Orbital trace
The Earth rotates around the Sun in 365 days. This may seem as if the Earth moves slowly but in fact it is moving at a pace of 29.8 km per second! This sheet shows the trace of the Earth's orbit of every five minutes.

  Design 3 - Living beings' time
Design 3 - Living beings' time
Many animals and plants live on the planet Earth. As we go to sleep, there are animals that go to hunt or plants that bloom in the night. This design sheet Living beings' time" shows what other beings are doing at each time zone.
(Supervised by Naniwa Honehone-dan, Makiko Nishizawa)

  Design 4 - "1440"
Design 4 - 1440
A day is 24 by hours and 1440 by minutes. Do you find this figure large or small? This sheet is designed with 1440 dots, each of which represents a minute. This design points us to the interesting aspect of one day shown by 1440 dots. A day can seem long or short up to how you see it.

-> For purchase please contact via email.