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How to tell the time and enjoy wn-2

  How to tell the time with wn-2

The needle-shaped Position Indicator is an hour hand and rotates together with the earth-dial. Orange round-shaped hand is Minute Hand. Both are luminous painted. core module

Find your position on the Earth There are 24 settings according to 24 world time zones. Set Position Indicator to your country location. to 24 world time zones

To read the hour
Read the number on the bezel that Position Indicator is pointing at.
(Example: 20:00 / 8pm)
Position Indicator rotates anticlockwise together with the dome-shaped Earth-dial, the hour hand of this watch.
To read the hour

To read the minutes
The orange dot is Minute Hand, corresponds to a normal watch setting and rotates clockwise once every 60 minutes. (Example: The orange dot at "20" ? 10 minutes past) Flat Bezel also features minute indication.
To read the minutes

  Do you know...?!

Which direction is the sun?
The sun always lies at 12 o'clock! For example, if Mexico on the Earth-dial aligns with 12 on the bezel, people in Mexico are now seeing the sun due south.

It rotates in the same direction and speed as the Earth
The hemisphere rotates counterclockwise with the North Pole at its center, at the same speed that the Earth rotates on its axis. When the sun appears day begins, and when it disappears night falls.

Try applying planetary speed to your body.
Which direction is the sun?

What time is it in New York? In Paris? In the middle of the Pacific Ocean?
wn-2 tells world time. No need to calculate time zones.
Sometimes it's nice to know what time the people you've met in far off places are experiencing, or what time it is in places you have traveled.

From outer space, time is one.

Enjoy the view from the moon!
The diameter of the Earth-dial is 1/580 millionth that of Earth, a scale at which arm's length (approximately 65 cm) equals 380,000 km. Stretch your arm. The view of Earth from the moon will look like this!
Enjoy the view from the moon!

My watch is different from your watch
You can carry only core module in your pocket, or use the package as a desk clock.

The band is the standard 20mm width, affording the exchanges with the bands of your choice.

Your vision/ your wn-2.
Your imagination lets you enjoy it your way.