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How to Use

  Setting the Time

The time was set accurately prior to shipping.
The wn-2 is engineered to start moving one minute after set, thus it should always be set on minute ahead of the actual time.
Use the time-alignment mark ? positioned at the one-minute mark (xx: 01) ? for accurate time-setting.

Set the time precisely on the hour (7:00, 8:00, etc)

Step 1
Pull the time setting crown out to the second stop.

Step 2
Rotate the minute hand counterclockwise, more than half-way around the clock, past the desired hour setting (xx:00).
Please note: Setting the time without turning the dial back more than one-half revolution may cause the watch to lose time.

Step 3
Slowly continue rotating the minute hand back until it reaches the orange time alignment mark on the edge of the core module.

Step 4
Push the time setting crown all the way back in.

the time setting

  Setting wn-2 for daylight savings time

North America and Europe observe daylight savings time* during the summer months (April through October). Use one of the following two methods to reset wn-2 for daylight savings time. Note that not all countries at the same longitude are the same time difference from Greenwich Mean Time. Adjust your watch to reflect the time used in the country you are in.

1.Advance the position indicator one notch
Pull the time setting crown out one notch. Advance the position indicator one notch in the counterclockwise direction (east).

2.Advance the clock one hour
Pull the time setting crown out two notches. Advance the orange minute one revolution.

*What is daylight savings time?
Daylight savings time is a system by which the clocks are advanced one hour during the season that the sun rises early to make effective use of the available sunlight.

  To Assemble

Step 1
Set core module into base holder, fitting the time setting crown in the hollow.
Push the core module all the way down to sit deep in the base.

Step 2
Fit the bezel over the core module, aligning the match-up mark (00 on the standard bezel) with that of the base holder (opposite the time setting crown).
If the bezel is not properly aligned, the watch could be damaged.

Step 3
Turn the bezel clockwise about 90▀ while pushing down gently until you feel a click. If the bezel is difficult to turn, reassemble the watch from  step1  , making sure the core module sits securely in place.
Assemble the watch before putting it on your wrist.

To Assemble

  To Disassemble

Turn the bezel counterclockwise about 90▀ and remove. Gently push the core module up from below and it should come out easily.

The core module will be damaged if dropped; cup your hand around the watch when disassembling to prevent it from falling.