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Before you think its brokenc

  The bezel doesn't seem to fit into the base holder.

Place the bezel flush against the base holder and rotate slowly. If the bezel is placed in the base holder at an angle, it will not fit smoothly into the base holder.
Furthermore, the customer may initially notice a degree of rigidity when using the product that should decrease with use.

  The position indicator seems to be off from my actual position on earth.

wn-2 may be set to any one of 24 time zone positions from GMT. The position indicator is set midway between longitudinal axes and thus may seem to be off from the wearer's exact position on earth.

  The watch doesn't seem to be moving.

Because wn-2 does not have a second-hand, advancement of the globe-shaped hour hand is barely perceptible. If the orange minute hand makes one complete rotation per hour, the watch is functioning normally.