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  Watch repairs

Please contact us with the title "Watch repairs."
-> contact us
Please include
-- a description of the necessary repairs
-- the serial number
-- your contact information.
We will contact you with the time required and other repair-related details.
Distributor: SPACEPORT INC.

  Battery Life/Replacement

  • Battery Life:
    A normal, new battery placed in this watch should run for approximately ten years.

  • The Original Battery:
    The pre-installed battery in your watch has been used to monitor the function and accuracy of your watch, thus may not last a full ten years from the date of purchase.

  • Periodical Check:
    We suggest that you have your watch checked every 2 or 3 years. Please contact SPACEPORT INC. for the service.
    Depending on how the watch is used, the lubrication of the watch mechanism may become insufficient, parts may become worn due to impurities in lubricating oil, or the watch may be running noticeably fast or late. Seals, etc., may also become worn and the watch may stop being waterproof.
    After checking the watch, adjustment and repair may be required.

  • Battery Replacement:
    -- Contact SPACEPORT INC. when battery needs replacement.
    -- A dead battery left in the watch may leak and damage the watch; replace as soon as possible.
    -- There is a charge for all battery replacements, including watches under guarantee.
*Local watch repair stores do not have the equipment necessary to replace the battery.
Please contact us with the title "Battery replacement."
-> contact us
Please include
-- the serial number of your watch
-- your contact information.
We will contact you with all relevant details.
Distributor: SPACEPORT INC.

  Care of the Watchband

When removing moisture from a leather band, do not rub the band with the cloth as this may discolor it or reduce its gloss. Be sure to blot up the moisture using a soft dry cloth.

  Changing Watchbands

The watchband is the standard 20mm width, affording the exchanges with the band commercially available. Please consult salesperson for details when you shop watchbands.